K00l K1d5 K1ub


Figure 1: I’ve heard of this guy somewhere…

Swedes. Huge autists—when I was in Sweden, it felt like a fucking ghost town. I think this album is what goes through the mind of an average male Swede.

Extremely provocative, sexual lyrics—full of rапе (and, dare I say it, child rапе), violence, sex, brutality. And those lyrics hit my heart. Not because they are brutal and edgy, but because they sound extremely taboo. Now, anyone could sing or say those words, but the lead singer of Brainbombs---Peter—he does it in an exquisite way.

The combined Swedish accent, the tone of Peter’s voice, and the sheer delivery; man, it’s just perfect. It doesn’t sound even a tad bit funny. It’s like he’s telling it out of his heart.

Of course, I speak about the lyrics mainly because that’s what mostly makes the album a masterpiece—the music is, while quite good, not extremely noticeable. You just ignore it, because the lyrics are out of this world. The music—repeated motifs, looped for the entirety of the song, with slight changes in-between. The instruments consist mainly of electric over-drive guitar, with usual punk-esque drums.

Kill Them All is a surprising song at first. If you went for the album because there’s a cool looking guy on it, you won’t exactly be surprised. You’ll think this is an 8-bit music album. But if you know who it is, then you really are weirded out. The persona of Ed Gein would not really fit in with such music.

Kill Them All is likely the most known song of the album. “Blood mixed with shit, mixed with blood”. And of course, it isn’t popular for no reason. The song is ironic and brutal, with interesting lyrics—lyrics speaking of domination, anger, sheer masculine brutality. The de facto theme of Brutal Doom.

In Anal Desire and Lipstick on My Dick we’re introduced to storytelling lyrics. I especially enjoy Lipstick on My Dick—extremely brutal and absurdist lyrics, describing a forced sexual encounter with a woman, who the lyrical ego then proceeds to kill. When the police comes by, they call the ego a “sick fuck” for having lipstick on his penis.

Obey… to protect the K00l K1d5 K1ub, I will not say the sacred two words. It comes as no surprise that it’s the title track of the album. It’s the most bold and controversial song. It very well explains why the bandmates chose to hide their full names. The song is… well… about using children in an illegal way. It’s sickening, really, and that’s exactly what Brainbombs wanted to do. Like holy shit, when Peter sings:

Child fуцк, child rапе, yes!

it’s just incredibly terrifying. And it’s not only because of it’s lyrical contents, but the way Peter sings it, it’s erotic, which makes it even more bewildering.

The album, as a whole, is quite misogynistic, and the lyrics are mainly about sexual encounters with women. It’s a very… masculine album. It isn’t in any way a shock, of course—after all Ed Gein is on the album cover art of the album; the man who dug up graves of middle-aged women to create a skin outfit so he could wear it and “become his mother”. And, of course, Swedes are inkwells. Fuckmeat is a fitting ending to the album, as well as quite likely the embodiment of the male spirit of it. The song speaks of a woman being a bag of stupid female meat. Interesting.

Rating: A

While definitely drawing inspirations from Peter Sotos, as well as having punk influences—it’s not a masterpiece of its times. The lyrics are amazing, but the music—while cool—falls flat. It is enjoyable in some songs, though.

Author: zd