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Official rating: KK

One K for Billie being hot, and one K for standing out from the crowd.


First of all—Billie is fucking hot as shit. That’s automatically one K plus to the rating. Also, she looks like my high school crush. But I won’t give another K for that. Fuck that bitch.

An album for edgethots that daydream about being addicted to benzodiazepines. The instrumentals are nothing special—although some tracks have interesting synthesizers and samples, such as all the good girls go to hell, but most of them are just classical shitty I—V—vi—IV (what am I expecting from a pop album, though,) or trap tracks we’ve heard a thousand times before. This is strangely contrasted by Billie’s beautiful voice and skill. While her vocals are all well, the monotonous singing style gets boring very quick.

I have to admit though, when I heard Billie’s track on the radio, I was pleasantly surprised—although mainly by the vocals. It really is sort of avant-garde in a sense, at least with pop. The common overemotionalization of singing in the genre is contrasted by Billie’s monotonous, almost emotionless singing style (at least in most tracks.) So props to her for that.

In some tracks you can hear very weird voice effects—really unique, in fact—such as the ones in ilomilo, which makes for a really funky and spacey feel. I really enjoy that.

But that’s it. That’s the only parts where she stands out. On the contrary, when you hear shit like wish you were gay, you want to puke in your mouth. Additionally, the only edgy thing about that track is the fact that it’s all-lowercase. What a fucking shame.

As for the album progression, it seems like it starts off with edgy shit (and actually-interestingly-produced-shit), but then heads on into the depressing tracks, ending with i love you, which is actually pretty sad, to be honest—the saddening chord progression combined with the depressing voice of Billie makes for a really interesting mix. But continuing on—I think that album progression is like that solely because the sad tracks are much more simpler melodically, and therefore easily made into filler, thus reducing production cost.

So yeah, to sum it all up: WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? is interesting—for pop. Too much filler, though. The only tracks worth listening to are xanny, my strange addiction, and i love you. Everything else is kinda crap.

P.S. Adding to the list of really funky voice effects, there’s an effect that somehow merges the voice with the overly loud bass line, resulting in a kind of wobbly vocal. xanny has it, and its a super fucking cool effect.

Connoisseur: KKK Kritique Krew